This is going to,be super in-depth so feel fre…

This is going to,be super in-depth so feel free tmnot to answer or to answer as little as possible. What would you say each teams most important draft need/strategy is over the entire draft (since not everyone has a first rounder). Like, short summary is fine or you can even pick and choose teams you like.

All right, I was typing up a long-ass post with a bunch of teams, then I read through it and realised outside of a few specific cases, I was mostly just saying the same thing. Best available player, trade back as often as possible once you’re passed the top twenty or so picks in the first round. Because that’s just the best strategy for drafting, in my view. Maximize your assets, bring as much talent into your system as you can, and work on developing it into something you can eventually make use of. Especially in this draft, where I don’t see a whole lot of difference between the guys ranked in the twenties and the guys ranked in the fifties.

So the answer stays the same for most teams, because they mostly fall into two categories: good teams who need to stockpile talent to keep their farm system full and allow them to trade prospects for immediate help during the season, and bad teams who just need to inject as much talent as possible into their systems because they’re lacking organisational depth at every positions and level.

The only really specific case where I think a team’s drafting strategy absolutely has to be by position is Montreal. They desperately needs centres. You can always find wingers in free agency and via trade, even high-end ones, but you always have to pay a premium for whatever centres are available, so if you want to contend, you need to develop your own. They have almost none right now, and Kotkaniemi isn’t nearly enough on his own. They also need defense, but they have to concentrate on centres. If I’m them, I don’t take a single winger in this draft, and after second round, I’m trading back as often as possible to get even more. They have a bunch of picks, so they could really get a great start on building up their centre and defensive depth in this draft.

I’ll admit my knowledge of various teams’ prospect pools are not as complete as I’d like, so if anybody wants a deep dive on a specific team, I’d be happy look into it and see what I can come up with. But if I tried to do that for all of them tonight, I’d be at it until 6 in the morning, and that’s when I have to get up for work lol.


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Any thoughts on Trotz leaving the Capitals and…

Any thoughts on Trotz leaving the Capitals and Todd Reiner apparently stepping up? Or if not, do you have a favorite/least favorite coach in the current NHL?

I think they should have reworked his deal and paid the man. He gave them four good years, and coached them to a Cup. I like Reirden, I think he’s a good coach, but he’s not Trotz. But whatever, their loss is somebody else’s gain, whether that’s next season or the season after. Somebody’s going to give him a shit-ton of money.

My least favourite coach is Tortorella. I don’t like him. He’s an asshole. Ever since he left Tampa, his whole system just puts all the pressure on the goalie. If they have a great season, the team does well, and he looks like a genius. If the goalie slips, the team sucks, and the goalie gets the blame. I just don’t like it. Don’t really have a favourite coach. I like the coaches who understand their job isn’t just about drawing up plays and directing players, the guys who understand they have to manage their team in every aspect. Which isn’t to say they have to do everything, but that they are willing to oversee everything and make sure everything that can be handled is being handled.

You like the leafs!! That is, in my opinion., …

You like the leafs!! That is, in my opinion., v good taste so mind sharing thoughts on their rooster? Maybe on Frederick and the other ‘rookies’ marner, matthews etc. What do you think their chances are next season and going into the draft etc? Think they’re gonna swap anyone?

Yeah, I like the Leafs. They’ll be good next season. That top six forward group is deadly, and Andersen’s a very good goalie. They need defense though, and that’s gonna cost them. If it’s me in charge, I’m going around the league this off-season and kicking the tires on every top-pairing defenseman in the league, with specific focus on right-hand shots. They’re going to have to give up significant assets to get back that top-pairing guy they sorely need, and that’s probably going to piss off some fans, but they have to do what they have to do to win. Outside of Matthews, Marner, and Rielly, nobody should be untouchable. 

As for the draft, I wouldn’t be shocked if they traded down. At 25, they’re not getting a guy who’s going to help right now, so if they trade back and get multiple guys, or use that pick as part of a deal to get another NHL-ready defenseman or bottom-six forward, I’d feel pretty good about that. Should be an interesting off-season, no matter what happens.

Lightning sign goaltender Eddie Pasquale to on…

Lightning sign goaltender Eddie Pasquale to one-year contract: undefined

Do you think the wings will take back the cup …

Do you think the wings will take back the cup anytime soon?

No, I don’t. They’re an old team, particularly their defense, with some unfortunate contracts and not a lot of prospect help coming. It’ll take some time to rebuild that roster into something that can really compete. And I don’t know that they’ll ever be what they once were. They hit on a lot of really good players in the later rounds, and that’s not something you can count on happening forever. 

Trotz out as coach of Capitals

Trotz out as coach of Capitals: undefined

Seattle group hires ex-Coyotes coach Tippett

Seattle group hires ex-Coyotes coach Tippett: undefined

Do you think nashville has a better chance at …

Do you think nashville has a better chance at winning the cup this coming season? Additionally, do you think Saros will take over as starting goalie, or will he still stay back up for one more season?

I think they’ll be a top team again, and they’ll have every opportunity to win the Cup. Unless they do something really stupid, the roster is going to be pretty much the same as what they iced this season, and that was a damn good team. And no, I think Pekka’s got quite a bit still left in the tank. I’d be surprised if his play dropped off so significantly next season that Saros actually managed to bump him out of the number one slot. And Saros isn’t arbitration-eligible yet, so the team is still fully in control of him and his contract, so it isn’t like the Grubauer situation in Washington. With a goalie who’s starting to get up there in age like Rinne is, it’s beneficial to have a very good back-up to play a significant chunk of games, and that’s what I think happens next season, barring injury or a real nose-dive in Rinne’s game.

What do you think Seattle will end up being na…

What do you think Seattle will end up being named? Will the fact that Vegas is dealing with rights over the name have an influence?

I have no idea. I know there are some team names that have some history in the city they’ll consider, but I’m not sure how prudent it would be to go with something like that. And yeah, I think the Vegas issue will have some influence, just in how I think they’ll be careful to make sure everything is okay before they go public with their official name and colours. Really, the Vegas thing is dumb as shit. Foley had to know that was going to come back and bite them eventually. It would have been really easy to avoid if he wasn’t so stubborn.