NHL players on dancing with the stars


PK Subban: would give it his 110% in terms of dancing and costumes, would probably be the fan favorite, len goodman would love him 

Evgeni Malkin: would try his best but probs get eliminated early on, he would make everyone laugh with his broken english 

Tyler Seguin: would get paired with a young blonde and flirt with her the entire time, give shoutouts to his mom and jamie benn, would end every practice with “that was harder than i thought”

Brent Burns: comedic relief and would do surprisingly well, will get all 10s for his chewbecca/star wars themed dance

Steven Stamkos: would probably be really good but would get injured halfway through

Nate MacKinnon: would probably start out struggling but would end up going to the finals as he is goofy and loveable and he would also flirt the entire time with his partner

Brad Marchand: wouldn’t know what he was doing but would be laughing the entire time while twirling around during practices (much to the chagrin of his partner)

Sidney Crosby: would pay anyone any amount of money to not participate