How do you think Dahlin will do in Buffalo nex…

How do you think Dahlin will do in Buffalo next season? Do you think he'll live up to the hype?

I think he’ll do fine. He’ll have every opportunity to become the franchise player he’s being projected as. I don’t know if he’ll live up to the hype, because dumbass analysts keep comparing him to Karlsson and Lidstrom, which is just unfair to the kid. Not only will he come into Buffalo with those comparisons hanging over him, he’ll have the high expectations that come with being drafted first overall, something neither of those two players had to deal with. They were given time to mature, which is something I don’t know that Buffalo will be able to give him.

We’ll see though. I definitely like what I’ve seen of his play. Taking defenseman high in the draft has been pretty hit-or-miss throughout the years, but when it works out, it really works out. If they let him play his game and don’t try to change it to fit into any specific way that he’s not comfortable with, he’ll do great. And I hope he does. It’s better for the game when skilled prospects turn into the pro players everybody thinks they can be.