obviously there will be a lot of players to pi…

obviously there will be a lot of players to pick from for your top-drafted list, do you suppose you'd expand the top pick at all? maybe 5 best and 5 worst 1st picks ever. I'd be interested to see picks that tanked when they should've excelled. (I suppose that could be a different series though.)

I could. There’ve been a lot of current and future Hall of Famers taken first overall, definitely enough to do a top five. But despite that, I found one guy really stood out way more than everybody else, so it was easy to pick that spot. It was maybe the easiest one to pick actually. You’ll see tomorrow (though anyone who has some knowledge of players taken first overall throughout history could probably predict who it is lol). I might do a top five sometime in the future though, just to have some content to post over the summer. Probably should have saved this whole thing for the summer, really.

As for the 5 worst picks, I might do that too. Probably phrased differently, but there are definitely some guys who stand out as busts. I’ll look into it, see how that might look, try to figure out some kind of standard for what really counts as a bust lol.