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Yeah I heard he was touring the Cali teams,but new york is still a fave. I just see him wanting more than that and for longer. Besides, its just hard to get excited knowing he has a quitters attitude and its hard not see him pull the same move shipachyov (and really kovi) did already. I get getting 30 goals but hes been out of the nhl for a while so theres that adjustment as well as well as his intangibles.

Oh, yeah, I wouldn’t want him on my team. He was a star in his day, but he’s old now, and Jagr he is not. His best feature was always his shot, and that’s something that can make a player valuable because it doesn’t fade with age nearly as much as foot speed does, but he’s not the same player he was. Not even close. Five years is a long time to be out of the NHL, and no offense to the KHL, but the competition level is not nearly the same. 

He’s going to get paid, because of his past, but that is a major risk for teams. He’s over 35, so any contract he signs is fully guaranteed. If he abruptly decides to retire again, that’s going to count against their cap. With his history and the time out of the league, a GM would have to either be stupid or desperate to give him more than two or three years. Can you imagine the reaction if you’ve got $6-7 million of dead space on your cap for 3 or 4 years because he played a year and decided he couldn’t hack it? It would be great theatre if you’re into watching team executives sweat and fans slowly choke to death on their own rage, but what a potential shitshow lol.