With kovi being the big non nhl UFA (and poten…

With kovi being the big non nhl UFA (and potentially the biggest depending how this Tavares thing works out) who do you think gets him and do you think its a good idea?

That’s a good question. The reports always seem to indicate he’s interested in either the New York area or California. I wouldn’t be shocked if he ultimately ended up with the Kings. They always need scoring, and are linked to every high profile player who becomes available. But I don’t think they should do that. That is a slow team, and he does nothing to improve that situation. I do find it pretty funny how if he does want to go to a New York area team, the one currently closest to contending is the one he stayed in Russia to avoid having to play for. I mean, you never know when a team could turn it around, but the Rangers look like a mess right now, and the Islanders look like they’re about to lose their franchise player for nothing (and don’t have a goalie). 

In the end, I think it’ll be the Kings. I’ll put Vegas in there too. They’ve got a shit-ton of cap space and they’ll have at least one void on the wing on their top two lines. If he really wants to win, a three-year, $18 million deal would probably work there. But ultimately, barring some crazy, out of nowhere pitch from some team who thinks they need just a little bit of scoring to push them over the edge, my money’s on the Kings. That’s an attractive market to play for, and one where he can be a star while avoiding being “the guy”, which is good for him. He didn’t want to be the guy when he was 25. At 35, even if he can still give you 30 goals, I can’t imagine he wants to be the one who gets blamed if things don’t work out so well for the team.