tensol3 said:

Thats more or less my opinion. I keep seeing him being a “distraction” but he gives the city and the fans a face to associate with and I never got the sense he’s actually a distraction to team. I keep seeing analysts say trade him,cause he’s a liability but like you said he’s offensively gifted and good in his own zone. I was just wondering if I was being too blind to it and not seeing something or if this is all an overreaction.

It’s an over-reaction, but not an unexpected one. It’s a conservative league, so anytime a player shows personality, he’s automatically a distraction, like that means fuck all. Any analyst who calls him a liability with a straight face deserves to be mocked mercilessly for their stupid take. Since he makes so much, and because Poile has made blockbuster trades before, he was always going to come up in rumours, but I think it’s mostly just spit-balling that went a little overboard because of who he is. Bottom-line, you only trade a guy like P.K. if the return makes your team better, and right now, unless you’re getting a franchise player back (which you aren’t), you’re not making your team better. Trading him for any other reason is stupid. Just ask Montreal.