@savannarenee03 said:

So, in your opinion who are some of the players Tampa could trade for? Also, do you think it’s worth it? 

I think it is worth it. Tampa’s fully in win-now mode, and a top-three of Hedman, Karlsson, and McDonagh is going to be really hard to match-up against. No matter who they give up up-front, they’re still going to have a ton of firepower. Vasilevskiy knows what it’s like now to shoulder most of the load in net, and the team now has a better idea of how much rest he needs to keep him from wearing down in the second half of the season. They’re ready to win, it’s time.

As for who they might trade, I really don’t want to speculate. People really seem to not like that lol. I know Ottawa is almost certainly asking for Point and Sergachev. If I’m Tampa, I’m not even considering trading Point. He’s your 2C for the next ten years. Sergachev wouldn’t be an immediate no. If you’re getting Karlsson with an extension, your top three is set for the next seven seasons, and he’s… not expendable, but an acceptable loss. Especially since if he pans out like everybody thinks he will, he’s going to be looking at a significant contract himself either next season or the one after and Tampa is going to have some real cap issues down the line. And then add in whoever you think their top prospect is plus one slightly lesser prospect and a first-round draft pick. It’ll be a little more complicated than that with the addition of a third team, but that’s what I think the deal probably somewhat resembles, if it gets done.