@tensol3 said:

Like I said as much as I’d hate it I’d go to the preds once josi comes
up cause they’ll have to move at least one of the four. See which one
they think the least of, you’d either get Ellis, Josi, or Subban (I
think Nashville feels way to highly of ekholm to,move him) 

Yeah, maybe. But If I’m Nashville, I’m not moving any of those guys until next year at the earliest. The Josi and Ekholm contracts are so club-friendly, they make it possible for that team to be as loaded as it is and still potentially able to add significant pieces. Those contracts make them super attractive to a bunch of teams, but also make it so Nashville doesn’t need to move any of them to stay cap-compliant. Next season, once Ellis’ extension kicks in and Josi’s eligible to sign an extension, that may change, but for now, it would take one hell of an offer to pry any of the four out of there.