Do you think San Jose will keep Karlsson? Was …

Do you think San Jose will keep Karlsson? Was he worth all they traded away? Did the Sens actually make a good move with that?

Yeah, he’s worth what they traded for him. More than. No offense to any of the players going to Ottawa, but none of them project as first-line/first-pairing talent. San Jose got a Norris trophy-calibre defensemen for some decent players, an unsigned prospect, and a couple of picks. In terms of straight-up talent and star power, Ottawa got rolled in this trade. But from their perspective, it must have been worth it. They had all summer to make a trade, and this is the one they made. Regardless of what they got, it’s over now, which is apparently a big thing for them. I think it’s terrible, but I also think that entire organisation is a fucking sad joke, so it seems pretty on-brand. Good on San Jose though. This isn’t the first star player they’ve brought in for next to nothing, and it worked out pretty well last time.

And I have no idea if San Jose will keep him. If I was him, I’d wait it out and go to free agency, see just how much money I could make. Imagine if they win the cup and/or he wins another Norris and then goes to free agency. It’ll make the Tavares contract look like pocket change. But maybe he’ll fall in love with the city. It seems like a nice place to play. Have to wait and see.