I'm trying to think of a good Letterkenny…

I'm trying to think of a good Letterkenny themed name for my fantasy hockey team. Any suggestions? Also, which rookies (not counting Kotkwhatever and some of the obvious buzz like Dahlin) do you think will put up the points this season? Or is it still too early to tell? I usually wait til Nov to pick up rookies.

Oh, I am terrible with team names lol. Can’t help there. Mine always just end up being “Team xxxxx”. No creativity at all. 

As for the rookies, it sort of is too early to tell, because a lot of coaches are just too hard on them. A guy can come out on fire, but if he starts to slow down after a month or two and the team is in a position where they’re still in it enough to think they might make the playoffs, they’ll cut his minutes and plug in some veteran just for the stability. But if you were looking for rookies right now, just look at the teams everybody expected to be shitty before the season started. Forget how they’re actually doing so far, just focus on pre-season expectations. Their higher-end rookies will get a bunch of ice-time and opportunities to play with their best players off the start. It won’t continue all season, but it’ll get you some points right now. Then in a month or two, drop them and pick up the rookies from the teams who’ve proven at that point they’re actually going to be shit, for the same reason. Like, maybe White, Chytil, Yamamoto, guys like that. Pettersson, if you can get him. Just keep an eye on ice-time, and if it falls off and stays low for more than a game, pick up somebody else.