Serious question, how great does that Mrazek t…

Serious question, how great does that Mrazek trade look now? The player who they got (Seth Barton) is doing good in College. Petr is a back up who is making about what he's worth. Jimmy on the other hand, he is showing why they stuck with him and putting up great numbers and showing he has a few years left.

He has a better GAA and winning % than Bernier. Their SV% are almost identical. Bernier makes 3 million a year, Petr makes 1.5 million. Yes, if the Wings tried to extend Petr he would’ve demanded a lot more than 1.5M.

I think it’s pretty much a wash. If Barton even makes it to the NHL it won’t be for several years. 

Jimmy is playing great, but it won’t last forever. He’s 34 and I don’t know who we have in the system that is our future starter. Was Mrazek the answer? Probably not. 

If Tats was on the Wings he would be first on the team in goals, third in assists, and second in points. How’s that trade working out? I think Veleno will be a very good player, but he can’t help the Wings from the QMJHL.

I’m not going to shit on everything Holland has done lately. I like Cholowski, Zadina & Veleno a lot and I really liked picking up de la Rose, but I’m ready for Stevie Y to come in and take this team to the next level where Tampa had been living pretty consistently during his tenure.