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Do you go to a lot of hockey games?

Do you go to a lot of hockey games?

Not really. I’m too far from any NHL or AHL teams to go often. There’s an OHL team fairly near me, so I get to see them a couple times a year, but that’s about it.

which player that hasn't won a cup yet wo…

which player that hasn't won a cup yet would you most like to see win one?

There are a couple. Patrick Marleau. Joe Thornton. Henrik Lundqvist. Guys who have been around for a long time, have been team leaders, and who I think deserve that extra little credit of being a cup winner before they retire.

My local ahl team does $1 hot dogs and $10 gen…

My local ahl team does $1 hot dogs and $10 gen admit and it’s honestly a great evening for so very little money

That’s pretty awesome. Some teams/arenas go way overboard on prices for just about everything, so it’s cool to see people can still go to a hockey game and get the full experience without putting themselves in debt.

What’s your opinion on the Detroit Red W…

What’s your opinion on the Detroit Red Wing’s coaching staff? Should we fire Blashill or keep him??

It’s kind of a cop out, but I’m not really sure. I think Blashill’s done about the best he could with what he’s been handed, which has been less than ideal. What did he get, one good season of Zetterberg? That whole situation was always going to look bad, just because of the timing of when he took over, as the roster was turning over, all the stars either already gone or on the way out. It kind of obscures whether he’s a good coach or not. Either way, I think their issues extend beyond the coaching staff, and until they get a new GM and fully rebuild that roster, it’s going to be hard to judge the performance of the coach. I wouldn’t be shocked to see him move on, just because that’s how things work in this game.

Do you think ekanes latest scandal will affect…

Do you think ekanes latest scandal will affect his ability to stay in San Jose?

No. They signed him, they’re stuck with him, for better or worse.

Is Erik Karlsson overrates?

Is Erik Karlsson overrates?


Can the NHL become an institution that actuall…

Can the NHL become an institution that actually supports diverse players and diverse fans?

I think it can. The potential is there. Will it? I’m less sure about that. We’ve seen little inroads and turns in that direction, but it never really seems like enough. There always seems to be some… traditions, I suppose, or just a general sense of “this is how it is, how it’s always been” embedded within the league, the people involved, and how things are done, that make any kind of shift away from that incredibly difficult. I think it helps a lot when teams and specific people in positions of influence actually do things that encourage that shift. That’s what it’s going to take. We can’t just wait for the old guard to move on, die out, and hope things change on their own. It has to be people now actually doing things, even small things, because that opens the door for others to do the same, and for larger shifts in the future.

Why hasn't nylander signed the contract y…

Why hasn't nylander signed the contract yet????

I ask myself that at least once a day. No good answer, beyond what I’ve already said. But at least we’ll know how things are going to go, one way or another, in two weeks. That deadline is coming up fast.

i don't get the rangers/oilers trade from…

i don't get the rangers/oilers trade from today. was it just one of those change of scenery trades or what because it doesn't really seem like it helps either team much?

Yeah, that was definitely part of it. There are other aspects to it though. With the Rangers, they got another guy who can play center and take face-offs, which is useful. They really only had three guys taking face-offs this season. Spooner is listed as a center, but he’s taken 42 faceoffs total this season, so Strome helps them there. In fairness to Spooner, New York has used him pretty heavily in defensive situations and he is terrible at it. Not really sure what the motivation behind that move was. They basically swapped his oZS% and dZS% from his best seasons in Boston and it pretty much killed his production. If the Oilers can use him in a more offense-minded role, his numbers should improve. And for Strome, his possession numbers are pretty decent, a lot better than the lack of scoring would indicate. He’ll be a useful player for the Rangers, I think, a third line guy. So, yeah, part change of scenery, part trying to fill roles.  

why is everyone getting hurt 😭😰

why is everyone getting hurt 😭😰

Good question lol. Seems like mostly just a lot of terrible luck. Hopefully a lot of the guys bounce back quickly.