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Stoudamire, Red Wings ‘Learn, Play, Score’ architect, mourned:


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I just watched The Russian Five documentary and they said “Dead Wings”, but I’ve also read “Dead Things” so I think both are acceptable. Slightly before my time. The only thing my parents told me about that era is that they used to give away cars at intermission to get people to come to games, haha. 

Is it acceptable to regress to calling them the Dead Wings now?

The Dead Wings era was roughly a 15 year period, so I don’t think we’re quite there again, yet. 

Much like when Jim Devellano came in, we finally have a competent GM so we have to exercise a little bit of patience. Is Alexis Lafreniere going to be our next Yzerman? No, probably not, but he looks to be a sure thing. Winning the lottery would go a long ways.

Stevie’s draft record with Tampa speaks for itself and we have tons of draft capital, so even though it’s hard to be hopeful right now, I think the dark times won’t last too much longer. 


Nothing quite as exciting for a fanbase as trading for second and fourth round draft picks 🙄

Trying so hard to trust in Stevie, but I’m really tired of watching bad hockey. 

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