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do you think max domi's suspension was en…

do you think max domi's suspension was enough or should it have been more?

No preseason suspension is enough. They mean nothing. If a player does something that merits a suspension, it should be regular season games, ones where they’d actually be forfeiting money and the ability to help their team win. Not exhibition games they might not have played in anyway. I could maybe see a preseason suspension being effective if the player in question is actively trying to make the NHL roster, but not for a player guaranteed a spot. It’s not even a slap on the wrist. It’s a fucking kiss on the cheek.

I was always under the impression that the pla…

I was always under the impression that the players had a hand in choosing the captains of the teams. The way the Rangers management is talking about not having a captain this season, only two separate sets of "a"s for home and away leads me to believe the players have no say at all. Is this the way it is done around the league?

It’s at the team’s discretion. There’s no official rule about how to choose a captain or alternates, so the team can pick one, a coach can, they can hold a player vote, whatever they want to do. 

does zack boychuck just spend his free time on…

does zack boychuck just spend his free time on twitter following anyone who seems like a hockey fan?

That’s what it seems like. I think it might be a sponsorship thing. Dude realised he was never going to make NHL money, so he’s trying to drive up his income as much as he can through other avenues. Just follows everybody and when they follow him back, it’s more eyes and more clicks on whatever he’s pushing. Or maybe he’s the friendliest person on the planet.

As a sharks fan it's very nice to see som…

As a sharks fan it's very nice to see someone so optimistic about the team haha

I’m generally a miserable prick, but even I like to get excited about things sometimes lol. Stars make an impact, so if there’s ever a reason to get excited about a team, it’s when they bring in a top player and go for it.

Do you think karlsson adjusts ans plays well i…

Do you think karlsson adjusts ans plays well in the west? With the focus on a more physical play and bigger teams, not that he hasnt seen them twice a year but still hes not the most physical guy. I also worry how much his forward mentality hurts the sharks now that the entire team doesn't play a defensive game behind him like they did in Ottawa. Cause ive seen his d zone play and its nothing worth writing home about.

I get what you’re saying, and I think it will be an adjustment, but with a guy that talented, he’ll make it work. He’s not a shutdown defender, that’s true, but he controls the play better than probably anybody from his position. And for a somewhat interesting comparison, the underlying stats paint him as a slightly better defender than Brent Burns. Not as physical, obviously, but with an edge in shot suppression. Burns is probably the best comparable for him, their size difference aside. I mean, talk about a forward mentality lol. Basically, as long as Vlasic and the rest are there to play hard in the defensive zone, the offensive output from those two is going to make up for whatever defensive slips they have.

Do you think this karlsson trade turns I to,mo…

Do you think this karlsson trade turns I to,more of a curse than a blessing? I know end goal is win a cup but if they don't and he leaves, or worse don't and he resigns, how much of the team do they cannibalize to fit his salary? Especially with a new team likely on the horizon.

No, I don’t think so. If they don’t win and he leaves after this season, their situation isn’t radically different from how it would have been if they’d never traded for him at all. They’re down a few assets, but nothing that isn’t replaceable in fairly short order. If he stays, they’ll probably be pretty tight to the cap, but they’ve got some things working in their favour. One, Big Joe isn’t going to be around much longer, so that money will be off the books one way or another. Pavelski needs an extension, but he’ll be 35 before his next contract kicks in, so whatever he gets, it really shouldn’t be long-term or top-dollar. Aside from Meier and Labanc, they don’t have any RFAs coming who might demand a significant raise, and if they’re winning, I don’t imagine it would be terribly difficult to talk them into some kind of bridge deal to keep costs down for a few years, if it comes to that. They’ve got the majority of their defense already locked down, so there’s cost certainty there, and with Couture, Hertl, and Kane. Basically, they’ll be in the same position all top teams inevitably come to: a high-paid core that demands most of the money while they try to plug in spare parts around them and count on good development to keep new talent flooding in. They can make it work.

Do you collect hockey cards?

Do you collect hockey cards?

No, I don’t. Just never got into that sort of thing.


@maybeitstimetoearnmybluebead replied to your postWhat’s your most hated team?

So you must still hate the Habs.

Only the idiots in charge lol

What you think are the odds of Montréal…

What you think are the odds of Montréal making to the playoffs this season?

They’re not making the playoffs. But that’s okay. They don’t want to make the playoffs. They want to be terrible, finish last, win the lottery, and draft Jack Hughes. That would the best possible outcome for them. 

What’s your most hated team?

What’s your most hated team?

It used to be the Canadiens when I was younger. Now I don’t hate teams. I hate incompetent management groups.