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Not really much to post about on here right now I guess huh? Must be boring for you

Yeah, just a little boring. This is the first time I’ve had no sports to keep up with at all in very a long time. Still have work though, so at least I’ve got that distraction.

Any news about the NHL doing what the NBA did and suspending the season?

They just put out a statement about it, saying they’re still evaluating the situation and expect to have an update tomorrow.


I know it's still months away, but are there any teams you think are more likely to hand out one of those really bad contracts?

No specific teams at this point, mostly because depending on how the playoffs go, we could see a team that looks pretty good right now suddenly decide to make a dumb move in the summer to make up for some perceived shortcoming that just hasn’t presented itself yet. But in general, I tend to look at the teams that need goaltending, and a legit #1 goalie specifically. There are never enough of those to go around, so there’s a really good chance a team that thinks its main issue is goaltending is going to overpay for whoever is available. And this summer, that means a lot of older guys, and ones who’ve excelled recently in strong defensive systems and/or split the net with another high-end goalie. Not really the kind of guys you want to be handing out big money or term to. 

what do you think about the cap maybe being as high as 88 mil next season? good news for a lot of teams….

Yeah, that would be a big relief for a lot of teams. There’s been a ton of LTIR usage to stay cap-compliant across the league this season, and a cap that high would probably reduce that number next year. But it’s also potentially bad news, just in the sense it might encourage some really terrible moves. Outside of a couple big names, the UFA group this summer isn’t exactly a bunch of world-beaters. If the cap ends up that high, I think we’re going to see some big money UFA deals that are going to look really bad sooner rather than later. We see some of those every off-season, of course, but the way things are going, it could be a real stand-out summer for terrible signings.

Can you please explain this Chicago/Vegas/Toronto trade swap thing? I don't understand it. So we in Toronto are paying part of a goalie's salary who isn't ours and isn't going to be? Why are we (Toronto) involved in this and how?

Vegas and Chicago needed a third team to get involved because even with Chicago retaining half of Lehner’s cap-hit, it wasn’t enough. Vegas needed to maintain a certain amount of cap space in order to be able to activate Tuch off LTIR when he’s ready. So they shopped a 5th-round pick around to other teams in exchange for taking on a part of Lehner’s remaining contract, and Toronto agreed to help them out. The Leafs basically bought a draft pick. It’s why it took hours for the deal to be made official by the teams after the main part of it was announced by analysts and hockey people. 

What's the deal with the Lehner trade? Why is Toronto involved?

To make the money work for Vegas. They just needed a third team to step in and take some of that cap hit, so Toronto did it and got a draft pick for their help.

Are you surprised by kreider resigning??? Because I am lol

I am, mostly because I hadn’t heard much about talks between him and the Rangers over the last few months. Obviously things ramped up between them in recent days, but for the most part, they seemed content to move him. He must have really wanted to stay.

How do we square off the idea that the guys who come into the leafs seem to love the place (Spezza, Barrie, Muzzin) but also there seems to be something wrong in the dressing room? I just don't get how every other game they look like they hate the sport. Sorry to be one of the leaf fans that asks things about them, ik you're an NHL blog, not a leafs blog. You just always seem to have very level headed takes when most others are consistently reactionary.

Honestly, I don’t know what the issue is. Maybe it is a dressing room issue. I can’t say for sure. I know, putting aside whatever that horseshit we saw last night was, I’m generally not overly upset by the effort I see from the team on most nights. When I watch them, it mostly feels like less of an issue with effort or compete or whatever you want to call it, and more just making dumb mistakes or bad choices at critical moments. And when Andersen’s on his game, he can cover that. But he hasn’t been lately, so all it takes is a couple mistakes or lazy plays in a row, and they’re down by multiple goals. And at that point, barring a comeback, all anybody talks about are those negative things. Which is unavoidable. It’s a passionate fanbase. But for me, I see the talent they have, the good games, and the good plays they make even in those bad games, and that’s what keeps me optimistic about the team. I think if things were uglier behind the scenes, the product on the ice would just be consistently bad, and it hasn’t been. It’s been up and down, to ridiculous extremes at points. Which is frustrating as hell, but also somewhat of a good sign to me, in the sense that I’ve seen this team when they were really bad, when there were issues at just about every level, and this doesn’t feel like that. That’s how I try to make sense of it.

Lol, do you have any pet peeves about asks?

Not really. I’ll answer just about anything. I’m not a huge fan of ranking players though, because it so subjective. And sometimes I’ll get ones that seem like they’re maybe trying to stir shit up, not necessarily with me but with fans of certain teams that might follow me. If somebody wants to do that, they can go right to those fans, leave me out of it lol.

Do you think kovalchuk in Washington is long term or?

No, probably not. If he performs well, he’ll have offers in the summer that’ll be more than they can commit to him. If he does nothing, he could potentially come back on another cheap deal, but the money would almost certainly be better for him in Russia. It’ll be up to him and his desire to win a Cup if it comes to that.